Mouthpiece: Safety ShieldTM, 50/cs Maximize

Mouthpiece: Safety Shield™, 50/cs

The patented Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece is designed to help maintain cleanliness both before and after each patient use.  After attaching the mouthpiece to the patient breathing tube, the cover can be easily removed by pressing lightly on the side edges and pulling backward.  After the patient procedure is compete, the cover should again be placed over the mouthpiece, thereby minimizing potential viral, bacterial, or radiation spread contamination for both the patient and technologist.


  • Ensures sanitary conditions for patient and technologist before and after patient use.
  • Scuba/Flange for better patient seal.
  • Easily attaches to 22mm breathing tube or bacteria filter.  No adapters required.

  • Semi-flexible for patient comfort.

  • Certified medical device materials and color.

  • Supplied in case lots of 50
  • Disposable.
  • Patented.
  • Scuba style mouthpiece provides patient comfort, improving patient compliance.
  • Covered mouthpiece saves cost of materials and technician time for post-procedure clean-up.
  • Covered mouthpiece minimizes accidental radiation and/or contaminant exposure to patient and technician.
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MNMP500 Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece 50/cs