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Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet

The Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet is designed to provide safety and convenience to the patient and the Technologist.  The shield sits on a sliding shelf to get closer to the patient, which can be easily locked into place during use and quickly removed as needed.  The Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet features two holding areas, a locking, lead lined “hot” area and a “cold” storage area.  This mobile cabinet also includes a working countertop for paperwork, doses, patient chart, and/or patient belongings.  The Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet makes performing lung scans easier and more effective.


  • Sliding shelf to bring shield close to patients
  • Large storage area for unused kits or supplies
  • Decay area with lead lining and locking drop down door
  • Veneer exterior for ease of cleaning
  • Swivel wheels
  • Flat top for managing charts, supplies, and patient belongings
  • Oxygen tank holder (optional)
Weight:    139 lbs.
Dimensions:    20 ¾ in. W x 15 ¼ in. D x 39 in. H
Decay Area:    Full 1/8 in. lead lining




  •  Insta/Vent™ Shield #IV-601, #IV-601A
Catalog No. Product Description Qty/Units
#IV-603 Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet Each