Xenon/Master® Xenon-133 Patient Delivery System Maximize

Xenon/Master® Patient Delivery System

The Xenon/Master®  Patient Delivery System, Model XE-102, has been a Nuclear Department favorite since 1980!  It provides the Nuclear Medicine Technologist with an easy-to-use device for administering radioactive Xenon-133 gas to a patient, while trapping all of the expired gases.  With safety and convenience in mind, the Xenon/Master® is built to last and minimal service required.


Rebreathe Bag Compartment

  • A hinged-lid lead shielded compartment is included to allow easy access for the Technologist to those components that occasionally must be checked or changed.  This compartment contains plug-in containers for CO2 absorbent material, moisture absorber (Drierite), and the 5 L rebreathe bag.


Control Panel

  • Oxygen Input:  Panel mounted one-way valve allows oxygen to be added to the rebreathe bag at any time.
  • Xenon Input:  Panel mounted one-way valve into holding reservoir allows desired patient dose of Xenon to be pre-loaded prior to patient set-up.  Dispensing is achieved by two squeezes of a panel mounted rubber bulb.  Air from the bulb forces the Xenon gas from the reservoir through a tube to the mouth-end of the patient breathing tube.
  • Function Knob:  A large three-position knob provides for: Setup/Washout, System Purge, Equilibrium.
  • Pump Switch:  ON/OFF – Controls pump motor in Xenon trap system.


Xenon Trap

  • Trapping Medium:  Activated Charcoal
  • Expansion Bag:  30 L
  • Pump:  High performance diaphragm compressor with ball bearing construction, stainless steel valves, and overload protection.
  • Monitor Port:  A convenient access port is provided for monitoring the exhaust air from the charcoal column with a standard low level G.M. survey meter.
  • Control:  Front panel control by ON/OFF switch.
Dimensions: 19 ½ in. L x 21 in. D x 40 ½ in. H
Weight: 200 lbs.
Shielding:  1/16 in. – 1/8 in. lead surrounding trap
Wheels:  4 in. full-swivel casters
Voltage:   115V, 60Hz
Current:   1.5 Amp.
Trap Options:    Single charcoal trap (standard) or double trap for high use 
Catalog No. Product Description
#XE-102 Xenon/Master® Patient Delivery System
#XE-102C Hans Rudolph Valve
#XE-102D Hans Rudolph Valve:  Replacement Port
#XE-104 Xenon/Master® Charcoal Trap
#XE-104A Tandem Lead Trap
#XE-106 Oxygen Tank Holder
#XE-107A CO2 Absorbent Canister
#XE-107B Moisture Absorbent Canister
#XE-108 Interface Bag, 80 L
#XE-109 Equilibrium Bag, 5 L
#XE-110 Xenon Delivery Bulb
#XE-111 Lead Trap Exchange (Pulmonex and others)
#AV-100-XBU Xenon Shortage Back-Up Package:  Complete radioaerosol system includes:  Aero/Vent™ Jr. lead shield, 12 each Aero/Vent™ Jr. radioaerosol kits, and 2 each Aero/Vent™ Jr. kits for ventilator dependent patients.
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XE-102 Xenon/Master® Xenon-133 Patient Delivery System Each