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Xenon Shortage Back-Up Package

With continuing shortages of Xenon Gas, it is critical that a safe, reliable back-up imaging system be available.  But, a quality imaging system does not have to be expensive!



Medi/Nuclear’s® highly efficient, two-tube Aero/Vent™ Jr. Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System is now available to Xenon users in a compact, cost-effective package.  The Xenon Back-Up Package™ provides everything needed during those unpredictable Xenon shortages: 

  • 1 each Aero/Vent™ Jr. Pole Mountable/Table Top Lead Shield
  • 12 each Aero/Vent™ Jr. radioaerosol kits
  • 2 each Aero/Vent™ Jr. radioaerosol kits for ventilator dependent patients


Additional kits may be ordered individually or in cases, as needed.

Get images of unsurpassed quality with the Aero/Vent™ Jr. Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System.  The nebulizer produces the small particles needed to obtain good peripheral penetration, and nearly eliminates all particles that are the cause of unwanted tracheal deposits and “hot spots.”  Over 97% of the particles produced by the Aero/Vent™ Jr. fall below 1 micron and 40.8% less than 0.2 microns.  Additional features include:

  • Dosing Time:  1.5-2.5 minutes. 
  • Image Quality:  Excellent image in one minute with only 100-150k counts.
  • Patient Use:  Adults and ventilator dependent patients with special kit.
  • Safety:  Lead-lined shield and HEPA filter reduce risk of radiation contamination to the patient and technologist. 
  • Portability:  Lead shield may be pole-mounted or used on the table top.  Optional mobile cabinet with or without swing arm is also available. 
  • Convenience:  Radioaerosol lung imaging kits come complete and ready to use.  Set-up and use are easy. 
Nebulizer: Medi/Nuclear® NEB-3A+ Jet Nebulizer
Nebulization Rate: 0.16 mL/min at O2 flow rate of 10 L/min
Standard Flow Rate: 10 L/min
Max. Reservoir Volume:  6 mL
Working Reservoir Volume: 2 mL
MMAD: 0.28µm
Particle Size Distribution: <0.2µm 40.8%
  0.2µm to 1.0µm 57.1%
  1.0µm to 5.0µm 2.1%
  >5.0µm 0%
Filter: HEPA with 99.9% efficiency
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Product Description

 AV-100-XBU Back-Up contains the following components:  
  Aero/Vent™ Jr. Pole-Mountable/Table Top Shield 1 Each
  Aero/Vent™ Jr. with HEPA Filter and Rigid Mouthpiece 6/ea
  Aero/Vent™ Jr. with HEPA Filter and Mask 6/ea
  Aero/Vent™ Jr. Radioaerosol Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients 2/ea